To my fellow Chicago humans. We must go into the winter prepared with activities to avoid the slow decay of our souls during the months of short days and numbsiating walks. Comment on my list and I will add it to the list. Shenanigans for days.
  1. Margarita game night
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    Who doesn't want to be sippin on some salty rims while kicking ass in sorry?!
  2. BBQ sauce contest
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    Seriously... What is in BBQ sauce? Let's find out who makes the meanest concoction in the hood (aka Lincoln park)
  3. Chili cook-off
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    Bring grandmas special recipe and see if it can withstand the test of time
  4. Heating up the oven fastest
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    Bobby isn't allowed to use his ovens quick heat setting...
  5. Wings cookoff
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    I'll bring take out wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. We have a date and are sponsored by the local Errie radio stations.
  6. Trivia Tuesday
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    Just not at state.... Last time we were too bad but I won the flat screen tv!
  7. Anything but liquid alcohol party
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    Jell-O shots, gummy worms, what else can you put alcohol in that isn't in liquid form. I already made mine, see picture attached
  8. Whirlyball
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    Still don't know what this but heard it's fun
  9. Ribbon ice skating
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    Winters version of a lazy river
  10. Euchre tournament
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    If you don't know how to play, you shouldn't be living in he Midwest
  11. Brew lights on December 2nd
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    Support the animals of Lincoln park zoo!
  12. Bowling night
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    We have to go to a trashy bowling alley with 5 dollars pitchers in the burbs. Bowling was never meant to be be fancy.
  13. DONUT FEST January 31st
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    Seriously what more do we want out of winter day than a badass donut
  14. Cupids Undie Run February 13th
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    Bros and basic babes in the undies up on the streets of wrigleyville finishing at john barely corn. Things could get weird
  15. Tattoo convention March 18th
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    Okay seriously how awesome is this. I could be inspired (see Michael scolfield attached)
  16. Harry Potter parody play in Dec
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    Okay amazingggg at the Broadway playhouse
  17. Maybe a improv show or play?
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    They say Chicago has great theater and I have never been to a single show. I was Diesel in west side story back in high school, just saying. I said my three lines with conviction, they are still talking about it to this day.
  18. 25 drinking games of Christmas
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    Consider it the tournament of champions for all that consider themselves talented at drinking games
  19. Star Wars movie marathon
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    Sooooo I've never seen the original Star Wars from start to finish. Given my desire to be able to relate to all humans (sci fi geek and all), I really want to see them all. Could make for an epic day. Light saver fights between movies to keep the blood flowing
  20. Tarot Card reader on Clark
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    Sooooo my rule is to try everything once. Why can't a fortune teller give me a little inside scoop into the future. The great people of Mesopotamia relied on the stars for guidance, why can't we?
  21. Loosen those hips with some salsa lessons
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    Soooo it's been a bucket list thing for eons, imagine how amazing it would be to be able to dance like fuego? We could dance like Baby and Johnny, just gotta find a really rich girl...