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This isn't including big things left out like spew. Add your favorites!
  1. Mrs. Weasley comforting Harry after the triwizard tournament
  2. Fred and George helping Harry with his trunk before they realized who he was (philosophers stone)
  3. Mrs. Weasleys bogart
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  1. Kentucky
    Once me and my family were camping in late July. A rainstorm came out of nowhere leaving us soaked. But instead on dwelling on the situation me and my sisters danced in the rain.
  2. South Dakota
    We stayed at a KOA that only allowed three people per campsite. So my parents made us lie on the floor of the van until the guy left.
  3. California
    Me and my sister got into a screaming argument while riding it's a small world. I'm positive it was something stupid.
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  1. Dyson hand dryers
    They may work better, but they make the most annoying sound in the world.
  2. When people don't treat people with special needs with any respect
    Their people to. You would amazed how happy it can make someone to treat them like one.
  3. People who only talk about their pets
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I rated these shows by three things: comedy, If the show remained strong to the very last episode, and character development. Let me know what shows you think should have made my list!
  1. 1.
    Brooklyn Nine Nine
  2. 2.
    Parks and Recreation
  3. 3.
    The Office
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  1. I'm Sophie
  2. I live in the middle of nowhere
  3. I really don't understand the whole selfie thing
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