This isn't including big things left out like spew. Add your favorites!
  1. Mrs. Weasley comforting Harry after the triwizard tournament
  2. Fred and George helping Harry with his trunk before they realized who he was (philosophers stone)
  3. Mrs. Weasleys bogart
  4. Duddly leaving a cup of tea outside of Harry's door
  5. Harry's breakdown after Sirius's death in Dumbledore's office
  6. The Weasleys coming to private drive in the goblet of fire
  7. Dumbledore chewing out the Dursleys and calling Dudley abused
  8. Harry's old quidditch team coming to the battle of Hogwarts
  9. Basically every little bit of Mrs. Weasley and Harry's mother son relationship
  10. Hermione's bogart
    Her failing all her classes