1. Kentucky
    Once me and my family were camping in late July. A rainstorm came out of nowhere leaving us soaked. But instead on dwelling on the situation me and my sisters danced in the rain.
  2. South Dakota
    We stayed at a KOA that only allowed three people per campsite. So my parents made us lie on the floor of the van until the guy left.
  3. California
    Me and my sister got into a screaming argument while riding it's a small world. I'm positive it was something stupid.
  4. Oklahoma
    We were on our way back from a vacation and stopped in Oklahoma for the night. I realize then that I forgot one of my shoes at the last hotel. So my mom mad hop on one foot in the pouring rain into the hotel.
  5. Kansas
    On the way home from a dance competition we stopped at a gas station where we met a celebrity.
  6. New Mexico
    We were in the middle of nowhere, and we came across a restaurant, that was in a hot pink trailer. My dad not only made us eat their, but eat inside. I'm pretty sure we were the only costumer they had had in years, based on how excited they were to see us.
  7. Colorado
    Once when I was little I was camping with my family in the Rocky Mountains. I was extremely sick. My brother came in the camper and I told him my flashlight was dead. So my brother screamed "Sophie's is dead" but what my parents and other siblings heard was "Sophie's dead". They were all in tears.
  8. Tennessee
    Camping in the smoky mountains.
  9. Iowa
    While eating at a Culvers. I blew the paper part on my straw and it landed in an old lady's hair. Right in a curl. I was to scared to tell her so she walked out of the restaurant wig it still in her hair.
  10. Illinois
    My brother forced mo to go on a roller coaster where it made you feel like you were superman by stimulating flying. I have a deathly fear of heights, so during the entire ride I screamed I don't want to be a superhero!
  11. Washington, D.C.
    We were at a campsite and me and my brother were washing towels. My brother put me in a cart that had a bar over it to hang clothes. He pushed me across the room and the cart tipped over hitting my head on the bare. I had a concussion for the rest of the trip.
  12. Pennsylvania
    My mom made us drive hours out of the way to go to an Amish cheese store.
  13. Nebraska
    My home state to hard to choose just one.
  14. Wisconsin
    My parents made me and my sister wait outside for over two hours while they went on a tour of a brewery.
  15. Minnesota
    We were driving back home, and my dad surprised us by stopping the worlds largest candy store.
  16. Utah
    My mom made us to go all four national parks in Utah. In one day. I'm so glad we did though.
  17. Missouri
    My parents surprised us with a hotel that had a water park. When we walked in me my siblings were jumping up and down.