1. Why are they after Alex in the show? I think that's something they should have made clear in the seconds episode, come on!!
  2. Is Priyanka Chopra's hair for real? I mean, it's GORGEOUS! Even after she's buried under rubble minutes after Grand Central station blew up. Hair is flawless, cannot touch that
  3. Is another Bollywood actor/actress going to make a special appearance? Can it be SRK? Pleaaaaasseeee?
  4. What is UP with Simon? Is he gay or not? Is he going to get with Nimah or not? Is he a good guy or not? Gaaaaah!
  5. The whole deal with Nimah/Raina. Why are twins needed?!
  6. Who is Shelby talking to on the phone?
  7. The "truth" about Shelby's parents. Were they directly involved with previous terror attacks or not. Things seem shifty here.
  8. The "truth" that Alex mentions she's after, like, 10 times each episode. What is this "truth"? The "truth" about what, Alex?!
  9. Wouldn't Nathan Fillion be perfect as Liam? Wait, I already know the answer to this one: Yes he would!