I'm not sure if it's a Southern California thing, but every time there's a company wide discussion, these phrases are sure to crop up. Yes, I did some intense email analyzing.
  1. "Boom": everything they're saying right now has to be accompanied with the dramatics that follow a firework because it's just THAT huge.
  2. "Stoked": everyone's reaction to the event that went "boom". Refer above.
  3. "Leave it on the ice": because that means you're hella tough.
  4. "Gnarly": an adjective to describe how you're feeling when you're following the action in the point above.
  5. "Monkey is on your back": you're stressed. Not because of the monkey on your back, duh, but because of the huge changes affecting your department right now.
  6. "One team, One Dream": this one had its own hashtag. Might get its own shirt.