Inspired by @aida and @amieshmamie
  1. Whose voice do you hear in your head?
    My own. It's weird to me to think of hearing someone else's voice on a regular basis?
  2. Do you have a best friend at work or school?
    Yep. I had a school bestie until school ended last week. I'm currently working mostly from home and not going to school anymore but yes.
  3. How loud is too loud?
    This is my favorite question on the list. This is so subjective because when I'm in a group setting and actually participating, I don't get bothered by sound. But then I'm really sensitive to loud music. I hate people talking at a higher pitch than normal just because they're trying to override music so I have always just listened to music at a normal volume. I notice other people talking really loudly but don't hear myself getting loud.
  4. Do you find yourself making excuses to celebrate anything?
    I like people, I like spending time with them, so yea, I do this all the time. I tie food to minor details in life and find reasons to "celebrate" so people come together. I'm that person.
  5. Do you enjoy group/team work?
    As long as it's fair play, I like it. But I am also a type A and like to be in control, so if I had a pick, I would choose to work alone.
  6. How many dogs do you have?
    I grew up and live with people with allergies so I don't own one yet but the plan is to get one dog and one cat when I get married, since my fiancé and I love them. I don't see myself owning more than 2 dogs at one time though.
  7. In your opinion, which extroverts (public or private) emulate the values and principles you align yourself with?
    Private. I'm definitely a mixed/private extrovert. Especially with age, I am growing to love my alone time. And I have noticed a lot of my values and principles respect one's personal space, time, beliefs, and whatever else it may be.
  8. At a party, how would you handle the wallflowers without offending them?
    Yes, I notice them almost immediately and really well, actually. I try twice before I stop. I don't push too much. I respect their space and desire to stay quiet and observant.
  9. What do we need to say to you to be your friend?
    That's the thing, we extroverts love friends. You can literally say anything as long as it's not disrespectful, apolitical, or offensive, and I am pretty much wanting to know you more and looking to build a relationship. I love diversity and people I don't associate with don't scare me. You can literally say anything!
  10. With all this being said...
    I don't like a lot of attention on my birthday. I don't hate my birthday due to it, but I like a chill, laid back approach to birthdays.
  11. With all this being said...
    The perfect amount of time to stay at a party is to walk in and walk out when you feel most comfortable. I know that sounds cliche but I really do live by this. I have left people's places 10 minutes into getting there because I for some reason had a change of heart.
  12. With all this being said...
    I love introverts, I've embraced my introvert side, and I enjoy being a mix of both.