I do not believe in love at first sight. I don't know why this happened.
  1. So one time this past summer, when I was in Bangalore, India...
  2. My friend was driving us home on her motorcycle after a long day of shopping so we were just kinda quiet from being tired and happy about our loot....
  3. And we hit a lot of traffic so we were just trudging along this street in busy India on an evening...
  4. When we drove past a guy.
  5. In gym clothing. Casually had his sling bag over his shoulder.
  6. With PHENOMENAL facial hair.
    We are talking like the perfect amount of beard, maintained and executed so well. A mean mustache. It was a "I'm sexy and I know how to kiss without letting it bother you" mustache, not a "I used to make porn movies to get through college" one.
  7. He was a wonderful height.
  8. And his thighs were chiseled.
    I mean I'm sure his whole body was, but he had clothes on. I know, I'm sorry too.
  9. At this fleeting moment as we were driving by, we made eye contact.
    It was the most spine-tingling eye contact I have ever made in my life.
  10. I can't tell you how electric that moment was. I turned my head around so I could stay connected, and he turned his head and stayed connected till the bike turned the corner.
  11. It was like he looked into my soul, and me into his.
    It was like my eyes took a screenshot at that moment. It was quite the thrilling, breathless second.
  13. Is this normal? Am I alone in this?
  14. Point of the matter is: it's normal to notice strangers for their appearances, especially if it aligns with your taste. But to look at them and see them 1) feel the same way, and 2) feel a connection, with no words, no gestures, nothing, is a beautiful thing.