I saved this one until I knew I would really need it later into the week.
  1. The privilege to gain education.
    As much as it is hell week and it has been the toughest semester of my entire education, and I probably whine about it more than I should, at least I have a school to go to, a means to pay for it, and that too, for something I truly want to do.
  2. My apartment.
    Last night, my roommate spent the night at a friend's place, and I had the place to myself. I say, focused, got as much as I could done until my eyes couldn't look at the screen anymore, and went to bed. I felt safe, I felt accomplished, and I felt fine being alone. Which is something I'm still getting used to about myself, having been the person who couldn't be alone at one point in time.
  3. Coffee/chai.
    I'm such a go-by-my-routine person; I just like having a pattern and following it. The favorite part of my daily routine is to get up, put that kettle on the stove on low, and then commence getting ready. I know it's such a small thing to be happy about, but I hold that habit in high regard. It's the first thing I do every day and being able to do it gives me the feeling that I'm off to a normal/right start that day. So you can imagine me the days I don't haha.
  4. My mom and dad.
    She talks to once a day, as I'm driving home from work every night. She always knows to hang up exactly at the right moment so she doesn't hold me up. She knows exactly how much to listen to. She knows when I want advice and when I just want to vent. She recognizes my hard work and all the effort I'm putting in. And without saying it out loud, she really shows me how proud she is of me. And my dad --- well, I grew up truly believing my father was superman so literally everything about him.
  5. My roommate and my boyfriend.
    Roommate: we may have our differences that she will never actually address, but at the end of the day, we love each other and I wouldn't want to live with anyone else for now. My boyfriend: he loves me at my worst. Seriously, I'm a fucking pain in people's derrière. And that gets worse with stress. It's the last week of the semester and he is just trooping along and letting me be annoying self.