1. So I tried the volumizing Hask shampoo!
  2. I still have my Living Proof conditioner leftover from an old bottle so haven't tried that yet.
  3. I like the shampoo, but this is based off of one use and in combination with other hair samples so keep that in mind!
  4. The consistency is very thick but a little goes a very long way! I think I used half or less than what I normally use for my long hair!
  5. I also used Tresemme's volumizing mousse and a blow dryer after this wash, and love it. You should look into that product.
  6. As far as your dry hair concerns go, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend doing a coconut oil hair pack once a week. Warm up oil and massage it from root to tip, and into your scalp. Keep in hair for a minimum of 2 hours, and wash. Skip conditioner if you want, but if you do use it, use very little.
  7. At the beginning, you might even want to consider keeping the oil in overnight. Just lay a thick towel down on your pillow.
  8. It's amazing, and pretty much every southeast Asian woman's secret to healthy hair.
  9. It controls frizz too! It's lovely!
  10. So back to shampoo -- I would definitely give it a shot if I were you because it's only $6 (🙌🏽) and I felt like I saw less hair in the drain at the end (could be result of keeping up with my biotin pills).
  11. Let me know if and when you use the coconut oil! Make sure you buy the extra virgin pure kind (Costco sells 2 huge containers, sprouts and trader joes sell smaller ones).