1. I have been trying to get into a healthier lifestyle.
  2. The green smoothies, the overnight chia puddings, the workouts, etc.
  3. I'm at the gym right now.
  4. There's these 2 doctors here. You know, medical campus and all.
  5. We were doing arm machines. Well I was and they were too, separate parties.
  6. There was a chest machine. You know, the one where you push straight out. The front and rear delts!
  7. So they're doing it. I wanna do it. I go up to it because it's free. But these men were switching between the free weights and this delts machine.
  8. I make eye contact with one. He says I can use it, but they'll be back. I offered to wait till they were done. He insisted that I go ahead. Nice man, right? WELL YOU JUST WAIT.
  9. I start using it. Of course, I've lost touch with the gym and don't think the machine through enough to change all the settings.
  10. Those men were doing rears. I was wanting to do the front.
  11. The arm pulley thingy was set wayyyyy far back for the front exercise, and I didn't change it.
  12. I am cracking my back backwards trying to get it.
  13. Those men saw me. THEY SAW ME.
  14. The one who spoke to me earlier comes up and tells me I should change the arm pulley thingy.
  15. I was like ok yea duh.
  16. Except for he doesn't stop. He keeps explaining. How to fix the settings. How to do the exercise. HE WAS VERY LOUD.
  17. And the super hot guy who could give Liam Hemsworth a run for his money. HE SAW. HE TURNED.
  18. Guys I'm so embarrassed.
  19. This is my goodbye note to you. This is it. I'm digging myself a hole and never coming out.
  20. Oh my god I can't go on with life.
  21. Ugh.
  22. UPDATE: Liam's twin brother is gone. He might have left because it was unworthy to share this space with me.