Please don't all of you kill me at once.
  1. I had never seen Star Wars.
  2. Naturally, I didn't understand why everyone is so into it.
  3. So when the new movie came out, I was silently saying "calm the eff down" in my head.
  4. I went to go see Sisters on Star Wars' opening night.
  5. I don't regret it.
  6. My brother found out and just couldn't accept it.
  7. I came home Monday for break; he came home Tuesday.
  8. He FORCED us all (my immigrant parents who had also never seen it, and I) to watch it.
    The force was with us. See what I did there? Ok... Sorry.
  9. In 3 days, I have watched 5 of them.
  10. Once I finish #6 tonight, and go back to my apartment tomorrow, I am going to go watch #7 in the theaters.
  11. Alone. Because I actually know no one who is into it.
    I know.
  12. But I don't mind.
  13. Because I've been warped into the Galaxy, far far away.
  14. And I'm sorry I haven't been cooler until now.
  15. May the force be with you all.