Ok, I had a minor heart attack just now. FALSE ALARM.
  1. As usual, I was finding ways to procrastinate and stumbled upon a useless BuzzFeed article.
  2. I scrolled the end of it, exited back into Facebook, DID A DOUBLE TAKE, and went back into the article.
  3. Because I saw this.
    4e00f099 03f9 4d47 844c 1ed77e669f92
  4. In that fleeting moment, I caught a glimpse of it and thought it was @list icon.
  5. Thoughts in my head: 1) Is that what I think it is?! 2) WHAT? ARE WE GOING MAINSTREAM? 3) NO. TOO SOON. ABORT. ABORT!!!
  6. But it's ok. It's not our beloved icon. It's a flag.
  7. It's ok.
  8. IT IS OK.
  9. Breathing now. Ok bye.