Inspired by @sabrinakristine 😘
  1. Lifetime supply of cookie dough that has no scope of killing me.
  2. The promise of paying for all my future hair care, including but not limited to, cuts, shampoos and conditioners, and stylists for any event that requires it.
  3. A trip to anywhere, really.
  4. Paying off my student loans, nbd.
  5. A song. Whether or not he's good at it doesn't matter, as long as he is fucking adorable in the process of trying.
  6. Adopting elephant(s) in the wild.
  7. Planting tree(s) to commemorate us.
  8. Sponsoring children's education anywhere in the world.
  9. Booking a historical trip to Germany, focusing on World War II related locations.
  10. Making me a wooden rocking chair.
  11. Moving us to London.
  12. Just asking me the question while we are underwater, scuba diving off the coast of somewhere in Europe.
  13. By building me a library, duh.
  14. Making this list made me realize I'm kind of high maintenance. Oops.