1. Lip balm tubs
    1) Most people don't feel the need to clean their hands before sticking their well-traveled fingers into a tub of sticky. 2) They then commence rubbing said germy, now sticky finger over their lips. 3) What do people do with their hands now? Wash them? No. Most likely just wipe them on whatever conducive surface is available. Translation: on their pants.
  2. Sunglasses with nose pads.
    AKA classic aviators. When you walk indoors, you have to take your sunglasses off; it's a rather douchey thing not to. Putting them in pockets will lead to scratches/possible battle wounds. Holding them is a pain, especially at places like grocery stores where your hands are required. Putting them on top of your head means your hair gets stuck in those icky nose pads and is pulled when you walk back outside and try to use your glasses. It's a lose-lose!!
  3. Alfredo sauce
    Just not a fan of it! The tomato-based pizzas and pastas are significantly better!
  4. Blue cheese.
    I don't need to explain this.
  5. Ranch.
    Ok, there used to be a point of my life where I actually enjoyed ranch. That point was middle school, where dipping your dripping pizza slice in a dish of sauce was cool and honestly, the only acceptable way to eat it. However, I have grown to realize that was actually a necessity for school pizza and is otherwise quite gross.
  6. Bottled juice.
    Even the more natural-tasting brands are off-putting to me. I mean, what about the concept of fresh fruit staying "fresh" in a bottle seems natural to any of you?
  7. Soda.
    I don't just dislike soda, I hate it. I actually, genuinely, don't get how people can like aeration. I feel like my throat is on fire when I try to gulp soda. It is extremely uncomfortable!
  8. Velvet.
    I hate that it's making a comeback. I get all itchy and scratchy and sweat like an Olympian post-marathon. The fact that people like that kind of a shine in their appearance? WHAT IS GLITTER FOR?!!!
  9. Pink.
    Never been into the color pink.
  10. The concept of sharing eyeliner.
    I don't mind sharing make up, but there is just something about me and you having the same tip of a liner on our water lines. Hmm, no.
  11. Dry wings.
    If there's no sauce, it's just fried chicken, amirite?