1. Where do I get my dress? Going to an eve dance partayyyyyy!! Suggestions please!
  2. I'm a cheap person and don't party much but I take very good care of my belongings and don't have a body that fluctuates in weight too much.
  3. Preferably less than $60!
  4. Thank you! 🙌🏽
  5. Rent the Runway?
    Definitely has options under $60, great if you don't think you want to add another dress to your closet/want to wear a designer dress but not pay designer prices.
    Suggested by @macnchz
  6. Modcloth! I swear by it.
    Suggested by @alligeeshow
  7. Depending on how much you like shopping, all of my fancier dresses have been on the sale/clearance rack of major department stores. I got my prom dress from Bloomingdale's for $70, a NYE dress from Macy's for $18, and my graduation dress from Lord and Taylor for $40. It makes take a few tries but I'll never buy anything expensive not on sale.
    Suggested by @sesealyah