In no particular order
  1. Lorelai isn't afraid of screwing up, or owning up to screwing up. In fact, she says at one point: "Everybody screws up; it's how you handle the experience that you should judge yourself by."
  2. Lorelai is an open communicator. She is such an open communicator that she can't even handle subpar communication. I mean, we all know how she conducted herself when Rory didn't tell her about kissing bag boy, do we not?
  3. Lorelai is such a cool mom.
    I know I'm not a mom yet, but if I ever become one, I will never be anything less than a cool mom. That goes without saying.
  4. Lorelai has a... Kind of a relationship with her mom.
    She loves her so much. That's very clear. Same goes the other way around. But that tension and friction between the two, despite all that love, is one that I associate with way too well. I'm waiting on the day my mother un-invites me to her Diwali party because I spoke a truth she didn't wanna hear.
  5. Lorelai will stand by her people even if she is mad at them.
    She was livid about Rory and Dean spending the night at Miss Patty's. But when Grandma Gilmore used that as an opportunity to pick on the girls, Lorelai snipped that one right at the bud. It did not matter if Rory was in the wrong or not, what mattered was that no one judge her but Lorelai, the only rightful person in Rory's life to do so.
  6. Lorelai needs to talk to someone when she is going through shit.
    She talks to Sookie, or Luke, usually. But occasionally, when she isn't able to do that, you catch her talking to whoever is at her dispense. VERY RARELY, but it happens. I can't live without talking my problems out. Why do you think @list works for me?
  7. Lorelai likes to do the dishes. I like to do the dishes. This is mentioned in season 1 while she is trying to convince Luke to paint his diner.
  8. Lorelai has a hard time committing to liking someone or being with them. I'm like exhibit A of relationship issues and knowing myself for who I am.
  9. Lorelai runs away from home to get space and happiness. I did that. Not run away in its truest sense but definitely found ways to get, and then keep, physical distance between my family and I.
  10. Lorelai always means to call but she isn't very good at calling when a call is necessary. This is a very good definition of my social behavior. It's just not in me to be the person who calls to check up once in a while, who calls just for the sake of calling, or who calls when I need to, even.
  11. Lorelai is a trooper in times of need. Example: fire at the inn. Example: Rory's last minute mindset change about college. Example: Rory dating bad boy Jess. Like come on, she kept her cool and let Rory do her deal and emerge a stronger person. Sometimes, you got to ride the wave to find land.
  12. Lorelai keeps it together even when she doesn't have it together. Examples: every time she has Luke problems or Christopher problems, she protects Rory from it, no matter how small or big Rory's end of life maybe at that point. She keeps it together when Rory leaves at the end, even when it's basically the end.
  13. Lorelai isn't afraid to get what she wants. No matter how inconvenient it maybe for anyone or even for herself, doing the right thing usually always takes priority. Breaking up with Luke. Breaking up with Christopher.