I need to get my ish together. These are not resolutions. These are what I want to work on, situations permitting. If I don't get to them, I'm not going to beat myself up because I have never been the person to avoid something I need if I did have the opportunity.
  1. I need to floss more. I feel like I'm speaking for everyone here though?
  2. I need to dress better.
    Ok, I guess no one NEEDS to do this but I live with someone who is far better at looking situation-appropriate than I have ever been, and it has made me more conscious of the whole idea of physical impressions. Not like I wasn't aware that how you look does have influence, but this may also have something to do with the whole big girl job coming up post-graduation in May.
  3. I need to learn how to handle by hair. Like seriously, bro.
  4. I am getting better with my finances, and I need to keep that going.
    I have never been bad with finances, but I am what my parents consider a spendthrift and what my boyfriend considers easily persuaded. My goal is to cut down on purchases I really don't need, and add to my savings account. This one is gonna be a real challenge considering paying back student loans won't be deferred after May. Sigh.
  5. I need to come to terms with myself.
    I tend to repress pain and emotion. REALLY WELL. My boyfriend is helping me to understand the difference between really getting over something vs. thinking I did just because I know how to ignore it. I'm understanding more and more that ignoring it means it's not around to bother you, but getting over it means even if it's around, it won't bother you. I'm working really hard on opening up the Pandora's box in me and facing my repressed feelings, not to prove anything but to actually be happier.
  6. I need to do more.
    I have always used money and goals as an excuse (a solid one at that) to convince (myself and others) that I don't need to worry about experiencing that right now. Over the years, I have made active choices after active choices to let go of my chance to experience some things. My goal is to stop playing so safe, and let my guard down a little. I don't remember the last time I leaped... I need to. My brother helped me to see this and I'm starting off with baby steps.
  7. I need to read more.
    School is one of the aforementioned excuses for this. "I am so busy with school, I don't have time to read that right now." I wasn't lying but I wish that wasn't the case. I'm so excited to pick this back up! I used to read like a crazy person before college. I have so many books to explore. I even attended the Half Price Books annual sale and stocked up in the occasion of being almost done with school! And hopefully this semester is not hard so I will have time!
  8. I need to explore movies.
    I'm too mainstream, I watch all the ones everyone else watched too. I want to explore the lesser known languages and genres, and open myself up to the world of quality work.
  9. Yoga. I need yoga.
    I'm signing up at Sunstone Yoga on December 28! I'm excited to begin this journey. My boyfriend (and my dad) believe this is exactly what I need, and I think so too. I have grown up with my dad shipping the whole yoga and meditation idea for as long as I can remember. It's never too late and I love that there are such great mental benefits to it. That's really what I want to focus on!
    This is probably the biggest and most important of all? I don't know, arguable. I am naturally a healthy eater but this living situation makes it significantly cheaper to share groceries and we don't exactly match on food choices. I was the person that went from indulging once in a while to indulging every day now because the items I used to indulge on are basically my roommate's daily routine. Of course, no one is forcing me to do this, it's more of a financial thing. But looking for change!
  11. I need to keep going with mending relationships.
    My brother and I, as we grow older, have really been making it a point to be more truthful and stronger for the sake of our families. No matter how hard it gets, someone needs to voice the reality and my brother has been that backbone for us. With his help, I've grown to at least trying it as much as I can. I can sense the positivity due to it, and I want to keep it going. This is good for us.
  12. I also need to clean out my social media, but that's probably gonna happen tonight and it's more of a to-do list than a 2016 goal.
    With all the things happening around the world, now more than ever, I have lost all tolerance for crap. Social media has become venomous; I keep toying with the idea of falling off of the Internet world or cleaning it up. I want to try cleaning my profiles out and see if I feel any healthier. People are growing my carcinogenic with the increase in political maneuvers and I just choose to not have time for that. End rant.