Stuff I'm Thankful for: 7/7

Last one; procrastinated again. I'm as ashamed as you are disappointed in me.
  1. Advent calendars!
    A gift a day, it's a great thing to look forward to at the end of each day! Or a great thing to start off with if that's how you roll!
  2. Crockpots.
    Seriously, I don't know what I would do without my crockpot. It has saved my flat ass repeatedly throughout grad school. There is nothing that can defeat you if you own a crockpot! I am crockpotwoman!
  3. Winter clothing.
    I have no control when it comes to buying winter clothes. It's a serious obsession that cannot be stopped. This is where my money goes, this is why I'm broke all the time. I just bought 4 new jackets. BUT I am so ready to tackle this cold weather! I wore 3 layers yesterday AND looked cute. Queen.
  4. My tutoring families.
    As a side gig to make extra money to pay for that winter clothing, I tutor middle and high schoolers in the evenings. I have been doing it for an year and a half now, and grew so close with them. They're my family here, and they take such good care of me. They have become friends on a personal level, and are truly some of the best people I have met.
  5. Secret Santa email!
    I got mine, and initially got worried because my person had a handful of lists that were arguably not very helpful! But then, they actively tried to help me and I have a few ideas now and I'm so excited to build my package together!
  6. Shravan.
    I'm dating this beautiful human who not only loves me in all my entirety, but works with me to be a better person. He doesn't feel the need to sugarcoat my setbacks, but at the same time, doesn't target me. He knows to work with me and help me become a better person, and I only hope I'm doing that for him. My relationship is filled with honesty and love.