Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Drive a long ways.
    It helps. A lot of people find it weird that sometimes I drive in silence, as if music is utterly necessary for my driving skills or the functionality of my car. To me, it depends on my mood, whether there is music or not.
  2. Cook something familiar.
    When all is stressful, accomplishing something and REcreating something you have been able to do before is a great confidence booster. To me, it happens in the kitchen.
  3. Eat comfort food.
    I'm not a chocolate and sugar person, but I am definitely a stress eater and definitely a fat and carbs person. I rely on cheesy and heavy carbs foods, like breads and pastas. But NOTHING beats Indian comfort food (dal, rice, and achar for me) and it's actually hella heathy too!
  4. Binge watch something for 3 hours, or watch a movie.
    Immersing yourself in someone else's story helps to de-stress yourself from your own.
  5. Read a book, for the same reason as above.
  6. Sleep.
    This is actually what I probably do the most often, because with my lifestyle, I often find myself too tired to cook at that stressed out point.
  7. Talk to my baes.
    These include mommy, boyfrannnnnnn, brothaaaaaa, and bestfrannnnnn. I let it out and then I'm good, like a recharged battery.