Inspired by @curtis
  1. Puppies. Lots of puppies. Who doesn't want puppies? And the puppies and I will grow old together in heaven.
  2. Anne Frank. And any other available Holocaust victims.
    My obsession with the Holocaust and my fascination for their endurance/strength is something I will continue to try and gain more insight on, heaven or earth.
  3. My grandfather.
    My family wasn't able to attend his funeral. My mom has to take that to her grave. It's not something you get over. After all, he taught me my alphabets, both in English and Telugu.
  4. My Aunt.
    She passed in 2013. An 18-wheeler didn't slow down at a pay booth for the tollway (drunk driving? Tired?) and crushed the SUV she was riding the back seat on, in between itself and the vehicle in front of them. My aunt was the one person in my family who was more of a friend and less of a relative. I miss her every day and hurt.
  5. My grandmother.
    My dad's mother passed away when I was 6-7 due to renal failure. I don't remember much of her but I do know that the rest of his family used him, mistreated him, and hurt him after her passing. I don't connect or intend to, for that matter, with any of them. My grandmother and my father, however, were best friends. He is who he is entirely because of her. Though my memory is fuzzy about her, I remember my years with her filled with compassion and love.
  6. Elephants. This is self-explanatory by now.
  7. Shravan's mother.
    She ended her life due to depression when he was in 8th grade, and I never got a chance to meet her. Having to face something like that at that age, however, really determines who you become. A lot of who Shravan is, is influenced by his mother. He's come out of it very strong and levelheaded. He is a beautiful human being filled with compassion and understanding, and his mother is a great factor for that. I just want to thank her for him.
  8. Assuming that the following people pass before me (sorry I'm being so morbid), I would like to see them in heaven, if not just to clarify some questions:
  9. My first boyfriend.
    Did you do it knowingly, like everyone says you did when they hear our story, or did you actually love me the way I loved you, the way I believed you loved me? And was it worth it? Do you miss me? Do you think about me?
  10. The man responsible for sexually assaulting me.
    How could you? Why did you? But worst of all, why pretend? At an age where I should be out making friends and playing in the streets, you trapped me into this so-called friendship and your home. Why? How did I deserve this?
  11. My other grandmother.
    I love her so much, I miss her everyday, and she is one of the best women in my life. I will reunite with her at any given chance.
  12. My parents.
    I grew up believing my dad was Superman, and experienced a very Santa-esque version of having my dreams crushed when I found out it wasn't true. But what I grew up to realize was that my mom may as well be Superwoman. My parents have done the unthinkable for me. And I don't say that in the same way most others do. But that's a list for later.