Today Was a Good Day.

  1. We met with friends for lunch.
    It was at an Indian restaurant which has native village food from south India (particularly, Tamil Nadu) on the weekends. It's served on a coconut leaf. It was spicy and delicious and so filling I swear I was going to burst open.
  2. And then we top-golfed.
    Too golf is one of those things where you can genuinely enjoy being bad at it because that doesn't mean lesser amounts of fun.
  3. And then we shopped for the last gift for my secret Santa.
    It is now finished and I'm shipping it out tomorrow! I'm so excited I could burst!
  4. And then we went to go see lights!
    This neighborhood has a competition each year so you can imagine. I don't have better photos because I drove us.
  5. I had made Nutella hot chocolate for the car ride to go see lights and it was yummmmm!
  6. Now I'm in bed. Good night, list appers.