Just what I did today.
  1. Woke up. Made chai, which turned out bomb.
  2. Finished a study guide for 175 pages (that was my share out of the group); yesterday's and today's hours together would mean I spent all of 6 hours on it.
  3. Watched Jane the Virgin.
    I have to confess. I have been hooked after some list app friends recommended it, and I finished season one last night! I'm almost caught up. I watched 3 episodes today as study breaks.
  4. Finished a final proposal (90 pages of writing) that has been in the works this whole semester.
    Table of contents are a bitch to make.
  5. Made a presentation that I MAY have to give tomorrow at 8a.
    I hate professors who ask you to get things done that may or may not be assessed. I'm not looking for credit, I'm looking for critique. Still waiting for my turn since 8/25/15. Haven't been called on yet.
    Whatever do I do with my life?!!!
  7. Made Mexican corn dip with roommate.
    It was bomb and I am pretty sure I just made a revelation because I didn't have cotija cheese and it was still awesome! Willing to share my wonderful Julia Child secrets if you want it.
  8. Watched an EXCELLENT Bollywood movie called Talvar, based on a true story about a double murder case in Delhi, 2008.
    Excellently executed. Left me disheartened about the story in all the right ways. I have a validated link with subtitles if y'all are the foreign movie types.
  9. Quantico and hot cocoa! In my new Hershey's mug!
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    I have mixed feelings about this show but I have brown girl support for bae, Priyanka Choprs. Still not ready to give up on it yet.