I started watching tv junior year of college. It just never interested me before. I used to watch some movies and attempt flipping through the channels and give up. College changed me.
  1. Friends
    I think this was the first show I finished in full.
  2. Ugly Betty
    Underrated. If you can get past the "loud" take of it (which is actually very culturally appropriate so maybe instead of getting past it, you just need to get with it), it is a beautiful story of butterflying out of a cocoon, in more than one way, for more than one person.
  3. Scandal
    Got into it because of best friend. Can't stop now, even though there was like one episode this past season I actually tolerated. This season was such a drag.
  4. Breaking Bad
    I will show my kids this show when they are of an appropriate age. I will show them with great amounts of glee and enthusiasm. They will ask, "After all this time?" I will respond, "Always."
  5. How To Get Away With Murder
    Excellent show, watch it if you haven't already. It's only been 2 seasons, you haven't missed out on much and can get easily caught up. It's one of those shows which seem like they'll have a great first season and then fail afterwards, but they came back with an equally strong second season. Amazing cast as well!
  6. The Big Bang Theory
    It's one of those shows I have to keep watching because I'm too deep into it. Although this season, they're doing a better job.
  7. Modern Family
    I love Phil too much.
  8. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    Clever, and exactly the right amount of wtf you need in your life.
  9. Master of None
    Excellent work from my brown brother. Represent.
  10. Quantico
    I'm really only watching because I will feel guilty as an Indian if I didn't. I don't enjoy this show. It's poorly made, it's a bunch of people overacting/focusing more of the dramatics than on the quality of their acting, and way too many fucking loopholes. I like well thought-out mysteries or no mysteries at all. I get why PC made this career move, genius obviously. But this show. Ugh.
  11. Pretty Little Liars
    Why do I keep watching this? This is my shitshow fix. I question my life choices throughout.
  12. How I Met Your Mother
    I am team-YAY on the ending.
  13. The Mindy Project
    I love @mindy. I love Danny. I love this show. I hate Danny in this season. And I can't believe what's happening. We need booty-shaking Danny back. Also, how cute is freaking Leo?!!
  14. Casual
    I love how fucked up this family is meant to look, but at the same time, how everything is laid out in front of you with no confusion. You see them for who they are. And the cast is impeccable!
  15. Jane The Virgin
    This show is my new obsession. I love all of them. Abuela reminds me of my grandmother back home, the men are sexy af, the baby is cute af, the drama is on point as af, the taking is fresh af. Love love love.
  16. Wicked City
    For all of its 3 (2?) episodes. It was cancelled so early, but did anyone else give this a shot? I understand why it was cancelled, but what did y'all think?
  17. A to Z
    I was sad this was cancelled! I actually liked it!
  18. Manhattan Love Story
    I see why this was cancelled too. Too slow of a narration, but I thought it had potential.
  19. Arrested Development
  20. Orange Is The New Black
  21. Grandfathered
  22. Grinder
  23. Full House
  24. Blackish
  25. The Office
    I miss Michael Scott.
  26. Parks and Recreation
    Amy Poehler at her best.
  27. Sherlock
    Can this show come back already?