I'm home for exactly 7 days for thanksgiving. I will attempt to make a list for each of the days. I'm counting of the list app to keep me sane as my family continues to drives me crazy.
  1. Annoying my brother...
    ...while he tries to nap so he doesn't actually nap and then I can feel like I have friends. A friend. One friend. Ok fine, just my brother.
  2. My dad who...
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    ... Went to the pharmacy and bought my cough syrup and neosporin to take the bad bout of cough I contracted this week, as well as my third degree burn from my tea kettle a couple days ago.
  3. My mom.
  4. Foreign TV
    Sometimes, when you stayed away for so long, the fact that wanting to listen to your language (Telugu) is just at your fingertips is enough. I watched Indian shit tv today. It was beautiful.
  5. Not having to shower.
    I had no plans. I made no plans. I did nothing. Today, I was just being.