Second full day at home for thanksgiving week. Today was hard.
  1. My roots,...
    Which have instilled a true love for cooking in me. Indians are all about food; it is part of everything we do. I began cooking at the age of 10. Being back at my parents' house and having to cook lunch today didn't seem like a chore, but a blessing.
  2. My brother, who isn't afraid to speak the truth.
    I come from a delusional family, but then who doesn't? We have a hard time facing our emotions, and talking about how we truly feel. My brother has been my rock as we grew older and realized this about our family. No matter how uncomfortable it can be for us, including him, he sometimes forces us to have the conversations we need to.
  3. My boyfriend, who challenges me.
    Yes, in ways I don't like. But don't we all need that? I hate admitting that he is right, but mostly, he always is. He grounds me and shows me I'm being less of a person than I am capable of, even if that means he's getting in trouble 😝
  4. TiVo.
    Sometimes, you just need to reel it in, say fuck it, and become a hermit crab. Home lets me do that. Today, I watched all of Casual (8 episodes), and caught up on The Mindy Project, Grandfathered, and Grinder. I wasted time. It was awesome.
  5. Burn is healing so here's an update.
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