Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. One day when I was in 5th grade (my first year in America), I was standing in the line for my class, waiting for the doors to open and school to begin. Devon, a classmate standing behind me, spun me around with one shove of my shoulder, and loudly exclaimed, "oh my god, you have so much hair on your legs!" EVERYONE in line heard and repeated it.
    White privilege is being able to get away with breaking certain beauty standards without judgment. Sorry Devon, that this little brown girl with thick, luscious, ebony hair, didn't realize not shaving her legs and wearing the cute outfit her mom bought her was a sin.
  2. One day when I was at the DMV, waiting my NUMBERED turn, a white man walked in and ignored the Hispanic family attempting to talk to the front desk employee, deeming his queries more important and urgent.
    White privilege is the white man getting what he wanted, when he wanted. White privilege is the forgotten Hispanic family trailing behind.
  3. Today, I received an email from my school explaining to us that as of 01/01/2016, Texas has officially placed into effect the open carry policy. It also explained to us the difference between this, and the law that will come into effect in the fall, when licensed and concealed weapons will be allowed on campus.
    White fucking privilege is, "Don't mess with Texas, y'all!"
  4. Before New Year's Eve, I went outfit shopping and found a backless black romper for $20. I put it back on the rack after explaining to my roommate that the backless just won't work for me.
    White privilege is being able to walk into an affordable store and pick up a nude bra, and actually use it to that essence.
  5. And now, a note: I have been seeing a handful of lists that comment on not being or not willing to write this list. Some don't want to dig up memories of victimization, while others don't want to justify a mistake they never wanted to make in the first place. All I wanted to say is:
    When we as non-whites write these lists or start a dialogue on this, we are making the choice of sharing our experience with you because not only is it painful but also because I know you can understand my pain. You have been raised to believe my pain isn't your pain; by writing this, I am not looking to victimize you. The conversation on white privilege is vital. Do not feel like you are the same Devon or the grocery man. What I know is that you can understand my pain from their actions.