See below to attempt to understand my faith in the @list community.
  1. Today is New Year's Eve 🎉🎊🎉
  2. There's a party my roommate, a friend, and I are going to 😎
  3. We barely ever get to go out during the school year because grad school keeps me busy 🙇🏽
  4. I am excited because I don't remember the last time I went out like this 🙃
  5. I'm usually not one to make a big deal out of NYE 😴😴😴
  6. With that being said, I went shopping for some much needed make-up replacements, such as eyeliner and hair products 💁🏽💁🏽💁🏽
  7. Always, the hair products 💇🏽
  8. So what will I buy, me who doesn't know how to groom myself to save my life? 🙍🏽
  9. So I researched. On the list app. 📝📝📝
  10. Due to the various recommendations on here, I walked out of Ulta with a haul! 🤑
  11. I'm ready to try the Benefit They're Real Push-up Liner!
    Much excitement. Such wow. A side note: the product is $24 (fuck me, right?) but then Ulta has those completely unnecessary but enticing beauty kits they sell around the holidays. And for $39, I was able to get a full-sized liner, mascara, highlighter (never used one before, I'm pretty sure the girl helping me out silently judged me) and a travel-size eye cream (which, I actually am out of, so hello, consumerism).
  12. The It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product.
    An attempt to keep the frizz to a minimum while not making hair oily. It's funny how people get jealous of thick and long hair, but in reality, it just weighs down on your head and the upkeep of the health of your hair means adding heavy items such as oil. I mean, can a girl get a win around here?!!
  13. The Tresemme Heat-Activated Volumizing Mousse.
    Particularly intrigued by this one. I read about how you put it in damp hair and scrunch your hair, and then style it. The heat from the styling is what makes the mousse do its job. That's pretty cool to me (chemical reactions on my head!).
  14. I also ended up buying some lame shampoo that was not recommended by anyone here. But it was necessary.
    Shopping for shampoo is such a fucking pain in my royal ass. Like seriously, can we have a conversation about this? Making another list, brb.
  15. I shall post a picture of the look tonight. I'm usually not one to post selfies here (selfies go as far as sending it to le overseas bf, and if they turn out exceptional, on Instagram) so we can all judge my (in)capabilities of putting my money to good use.
  16. I'm sorry I don't have list references. There are people who suggested these here but I just went down the rabbit hole and lost track of time researching beauty here and didn't keep a tab.
  17. Also, special shoutout to @jaidub for my spin pins. Attempting to use them on updo today (translate to, "I have no fucking idea what I'm doing). Any tips?
  18. Toodles!