1. In 2013, my old school had @bjnovak come do a standup show
    It was probably one of the few exciting things to happen at The College at Brockport, ever.
  2. The week leading up to the show they had a bunch of different things going on to win front row seats and meet-and-greets.
    Being the hardcore Office fan that I am, I went to BJ Novak trivia night and won front row seats.
  3. The show was fabulous.
  4. Afterward, they ended up letting everyone meet him anyways, so I was glad I won good seats instead of the meet and greet.
  5. When we were approaching the front of the line, we were talking to one of the kids who had helped plan the event. He said we should say something memorable.
    We are goofy people and were in the process of trying to name our new plant that we put in or dorm when they announced BJ was coming to Brockport. Naturally, we named our philodendron BJ Novak, and, apparently, we were going to tell him.
  6. I went up to get my picture first, and totally chickened out of saying anything memorable.
    However, BJ did ask me if I was sitting in the front row because he remembered seeing me, which has left me blushing for the past two years.
  7. This is BJ and I in the cycling/group exercise room at good ol Brockport.
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  8. My roommate, on the other hand, went all out and told him the plant naming story.
    As she did, she turned 50 shades more red, but that was expected.
  9. Anyway, I am here to report that BJ the plant is still alive and thriving! (And it has a fake sunflower in its pot, just to be a little fancy.)
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