1. When I let other people alone make decisions that were my decisions to make.
    Things could be very different now if I had.
  2. When I was a too-cool-teenager to spend quality time with my family willingly
    Now I want to spend time with them but the dynamic that used to be there is gone and I'm forgetting what everyone was like before my mom got sick and when my grandma was here and everything was simpler.
  3. When I pushed my sister away for dating someone I am not fond of
    Just because I don't like him doesn't mean he can't possibly make her happy. I should see him for how he makes her feel, not how he makes me feel (annoyed).
  4. When I cut off my best friends because I didn't want to open up about what I was going through
    It's probably a time I needed them the most but chose to isolate myself instead.