I'm a pretty decent improviser when cooking, so it's rare I make a mistake so grave that I can't bounce back. There were, however, a few situations when I admitted defeat.
  1. Skin
    I was grating potatoes to make a potato waffle. Using a box grater and trying to get your money's worth out of the small potatoes your CSA gave you last week means grating them to the nub - and part of my index finger along with it. For the record, it was still delicious.
  2. A knife
    After packaging up my perfect, bite sized gluten free quiches for book club, I realized to my horror that a chunk of my knife was missing. It chipped into the quiche mix. For a split second I wonder - is it worth it to play quiche roulette? I threw them away and picked up cava and orange juice instead.
  3. Too much baking powder
    Added double the baking powder accidentally and ended up weeping over an exploded birthday cake as I scraped vanilla bits from the inside of my tiny apartment stove.
  4. A plastic cutting board
    I rested my cookie sheet atop the plastic cutting board while arranging the dough. 5 minutes into baking, an unfamiliar aroma filled the kitchen. Looking in the oven, strands of melted plastic hung like cobwebs from the top rack. Looks like I transferred one too many items to the oven.
  5. Dirt
    I don't need to rinse this basil before making pesto, do I? No, I'll just throw it in the food processor as is. Say, pesto is not supposed to crunch, is it?
  6. Lies
    Tried to convince a friend I had added enough booze to my cookie mix to get them drunk. They did not fall for it.