1. February: I had the BEST Secret Valentine for Share the Love Week
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  2. February: I turned twenty six!
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  3. April: I went to the Dominican Republic
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    SO gorgeous.
  4. April: Rocked it at the TR Gala with fabulous people
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  5. May = Teacher Appreciation Week. Lol 9 year olds. ❤️
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  6. June: kicked off my summer with this fabulous human
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  7. July: And then we saw TSwift LIVE!!
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  8. August: I went to Cancun
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    EXTREMELY gorgeous
  9. September: A best friend got married.
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    A best friend got MARRIED.
  10. October: My friend threw a Harry Potter themed Halloween party
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    And it was GLORIOUS. I went as Tonks!
  11. November: Visited this one in NY
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    Also, Book Riot Live!!!
  12. December: Spent the holidays with these precious people
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    Only way to end the year right, really