Episode 406, aka the episode that BROKE MY FEELINGS
  1. Oliver going to the office just to make sure Felicity is coming home
  2. Curtis reminding himself that he is married and Oliver is straight. Multiple times.
  3. Felicity being determined AF to save people
  4. Oliver's "but what did I do?" Puppy dog face
  5. Mama Smoak reminding us there's always make up sex to look forward to
  6. Felicity Smoak owning up that she's afraid she's lost herself in a man/relationship
  7. Oliver spending some quality time explaining his woes to his bro #mybrotp
  8. Diggle being the best #Olicity shipper OF ALL TIME.
  9. The Canaries and Queens being seamlessly unconquerable together
  10. Mama Smoak being flawless as she sees right through her daughter's insecurities
  11. "He's lost himself in you too." YES MAMA SMOAK YAAAAAAAASSS
  12. Oliver laying in bed shirtless and JOURNALING. THE MAN JOURNALS. SHIRTLESSLY.
  13. Felicity thanking Oliver for being so understanding while she freaked out (BECAUSE HE WAS THE MOST SUPPORTIVE BAE EVER) and Oliver admitting he's not always the best listener #thisishowyouotp
  14. "We're gonna be fine."
  15. Felicity sinking into Oliver as his arms come up tightly around her *dies*