What I wish I had planned for the day 💭
  1. Wake up well-rested without an alarm but it's still early
    Like 8:30
  2. Stay in bed for another twenty minutes cuddling with a tall, handsome lover listening to the rain, talking about what we want to do that day.
    He doesn't just say, "whatever you want," but has an opinion.
  3. We get up & he makes coffee and toast for us while I get ready. We pack up the car and are out of the house by 10:30 a.m.
  4. Arrive at the beach 30 minutes later - no rain, still a little overcast but warm. We stopped to get tea and crepes on the way 😊
    We spend the next two hours on the beach eating, ready, talking, listening to music.
  5. On the way home from the beach we stop to shop a little.
    We go to a record store: they have Deja Entendu for $25! No way! Then we find a beachy boutique with one-of-a-kind clothes and jewelry.
  6. I'm a little worn out from all that, so we go home and rest.
    We lay on the couch, start watching The Office or Gilmore Girls and have afternoon sex. We don't need a nap because we slept so well the night before.
  7. We shower and decide to go out to a nice Italian dinner.
    He suggests that we take an uber so that we can order a bottle of wine and not worry about driving safely. Obviously, guy.
  8. The food is amazing, I'm wine-drunk and happy-tired, we come home and go right to bed 💓