Shits gettin' real and Ben is still my favorite of all time, I want to kiss his face
  1. First kiss with Lauren B. was awkward in the plane but I think Ben recovered? Blame it on the threat of crashing
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    Had to crop snap photo, y'all know the struggle
  2. Olivia rn:
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  3. Next week's prediction:
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  4. Did ABC just have to buy that hot tub they used in the store from last week's ep so they wanted to use it again? So ridiculous but I'm into it, honestly
  5. He needs to start wearing sunscreen! Getting too tan in the face, bb
  6. I hope everyone realizes that these women are crying because they literally have been holed up in this house for two weeks at this point without any other contact but Ben, producers, and these other girls that they're competing with. What a miserable situation!
  7. I KNEW IT WAS LAUREN B. He shared that about his dad with her and I'm over here like MHMMMM
  8. I hate when the girls talk in the third person SO MUCH
    I immediately assume you aren't thinking rationally at best and are a serial killer at worst.
  9. Y'all that was the sweetest reaction from Jubilee when she got the date card but eek worried for her, she is clearly very invested I don't want her to get hurt :(
  10. I LOVE Jubilee & Ben together. Love the side of him she brought out, ADORE that he stood up for him to Amber but in a genuine way, not in an "I'm the Bachelor so I have to be diplomatic" way. It's just so good and even if it doesn't work out I can see it being a great learning relationship for both of them.
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  11. I definitely think Olivia needs to take 100 chill pills and re-assess her life goals don't get me wrong, but do we think they edited it so that it looked like she immediately talked about her cankles with Ben when he was upset?
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    Not that I think it was appropriate at all but let's just not forget the power of the edit, people
  12. Has anyone else noticed how they are lowkey HIDING Becca? But you know she and Ben have at least a little somethin' because of the clip of them kissing shown during the after show! I think around week 5 she's gonna be showin' up a lot.
  13. This ep changed so much
  14. RIP my bracket 💀🌹
  15. P.S. John Mulaney's joke on the after show "Ben needs to come up with more creative date ideas. Helicopter, plane. The sky IS the limit" DEAD ⚰