Okay BACKSTORY y'all: I have had an IUD for 4.5 years. Because of complications I had it removed the other day. Before the IUD I tried a lot of other types of female birth control like the pill, Nuvaring, shot, etc. and none of them were great options for me because of my chronic illness.
  1. So my doctor tells me until I'm ready to commit to a new form of birth control,
    I'm scared to get another IUD but hated all the other ones, basically
  2. I need to use "other methods"
  3. So I was like, "Uh, condoms?"
  4. I haven't used one since high school lol but they still work, right?
    TMI ‼️
  5. She says, "Yes, but they have a 15% fail rate so you might wanna use something else too like gel."
    First of all, haven't researched it but that number doesn't seem right. Pretty sure it's closer to 5%?
  6. GEL?! The fuck is that?!
  7. At the look of horror on my face she says OUT OF PITY, "You might wanna do some research. We can discuss more next week."
  8. I feel so silly, like I realize I have been out of the game because I have had the best birth control ever (or so I thought) but can you all school me on this gel so I'm not at the mercy of the interwebz?! 🙈👶🏻
  9. Also, like, condoms are the worst but we all just use them anyway? I don't even remember just that I hated them?
  10. What an adventure this will be 🍾 (pun intended)
  11. Spermicidal foam
    You insert it like a tampon
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry
  12. Cervical cap
    Suggested by @jannychan
  13. Y'all are the sweetest with your help & suggestions!! I feel like I wanna know what's normal and most commonly used? Can we get Amy Schumer on the phone?