1. Our old favorite band has a new song out
  2. And it's so good
  3. Have you heard it? Do you like it? I know that you do.
  4. I wanna ask you about your tour. I know you just got back from touring with your shitty band. I see your snapchats.
  5. We both look at each other's snaps but haven't said anything for over six months. Such modern exes we are.
  6. You always said you didn't wanna be a cliché.
  7. That was your excuse for not buying me flowers on Valentine's Day, at least.
  8. It's so hard not to call you.
  9. But I've been here before.
  10. I've made that call.
  11. You aren't you and we aren't us.
  12. I'll hangup still wanting more and you'll text me at 2 a.m. asking why I "really" called.
  13. And I won't know the answer.
  14. But still
  15. It's so hard not to call you.