1. I am a chronically ill person
  2. I am also a college student
  3. I was in the ER on Friday morning and this morning was the soonest I could get the procedure done to fix the problem with my body (I won't bore you/gross you out)
  4. Today is also my first day of Spring Semester
  5. My dick professor said in the syllabus, "If you aren't in your seat on the first day, you won't have a seat on the second," regardless of sickness or deaths. Reasonable.
  6. I need this class to graduate on time, so
  7. I literally was in a procedure, spread-eagle on a table, an hour and a half ago, and here I am, bandaged, drugged, bare-faced from crying, in my seat in class:
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  8. And even though I can't wait to be home and take more drugs and sleep on the couch and watch The Bachelor and cry more
  9. I feel like a badass.
  10. I did it.