I don't know how y'all do this it's so much work
  1. When you think you're on the same page and then you find out you're not?
    Are we just fucking around are we casually dating are we "talking" what even is this thang
  2. The texting game
    If I've texted first the last two days AND asked you to hangout last you sure as hell better text me next and ohp okay haven't heard from you in 24 hours AWESOME ITS FINE IM NOT UPSET AT ALL THIS IS SO CASUAL
  3. Sex questions
    Condoms are terrible is this weird oh my god why did he do that was that normal I hated it okay this is really good but probably not safe oh god I need to text all my friends as soon as he leaves
  4. Getting too excited too quickly and being TERRIFIED ABOUT IT
    I haven't liked anyone this much in years and am freaking out about it it's chill though 🙃🙃🙃
  5. PDA questions
    Just be normal dude ughhh
  7. Jk you guys he's so pretty and I turn into a puddle of jello when he smiles IT'S JUST A LIL BIT MUCH RIGHT NOW