1. Something bad is said about Taylor Swift
    I will rant for far too long and I'm starting to feel kinda bad about this but it's not gonna stop (sorry @joshawork love ya)
  2. An interaction happens that I'm not sure how to read
    I will call you and make you talk to me about this for a crazy amount of time and make you listen to my anxious rants until I feel better (usually about an hour and a half).
  3. Getting ready to go out
    It is 💯 best to just meet me out. If you come over to get ready, I will be a frazzled disaster who changes 5000 times and goes through 600+ moods before we walk out that door. It's a process you don't wanna see. Better to wait for the final product with a wine glass in hand.
  4. Car rides longer than 20 minutes
    I cannot go longer than this amount of time without having to pee IT'S NOT MY FAULT JUST PULL OVER AT THE NEXT GAS STATION PLEASE
  5. When we're anywhere near a beach
    We will be going there whether you want to or not or I will legit be crying about not being about to be there and those are your options
  6. Music choices in the car
    If I don't know you well I will let you pick the music for awhile so I can get to know your music taste but once we are friends this will end and I will either want full control or we will switch off depending on our dynamic
  7. I'm really bored or waiting for something
    Calls, snapchats, the works
  8. I have a new favorite song
    Get ready to hear this over and over until you wanna die