Started this as a draft and surprisingly had so many thoughts come to mind.
  1. Sitting on the beach at night
    Barefoot but wearing a sweatshirt
  2. Laughing with my brothers
  3. Drinking wine with friends
    and not paying attention to the time or how much we've drank
  4. Driving at night listening to my favorite music
    Almost always Brand New or John Mayer
  5. Taylor Swift
    every day
  6. My Papa holding my hands in his and smiling
  7. My mom getting excited about anything
  8. Watching the sunset in Paris, eating a Nutella crepe
  9. Watching the sunset pretty much anywhere
  10. Getting off the freeway in Chandler and feeling like home every single time
  11. Watching Harry Potter when I'm sick
  12. Being with someone and feeling like they're never going to leave your life