This started as a one bullet-point list but there are actually SO many things, guys and I want to hear your thoughts
  1. Numero uno when he knows who he is going to pick SEND THE REST OF THE WOMEN HOME like this is awful for everyone involved can you just like end it now please and we can have the other girls skip on over to Bachelor in Paradise?
  2. But also can we just let them all eat on camera because I don't think it's that unattractive to watch people eat like we're all just humans that devour delicious cheese?
  3. Build IKEA furniture together
    Seriously will always bring out a side in a partner you NEED to see
  4. Also they can have overnights on their one-on-ones starting whenever the hell they want?
    I guess whenever the lead wants because like they're running the damn thing but also they HAVE to do morning after shots of it like on Kaitlyn's season - I need more next day make-up & hair and dissecting awkward or comfortable breakfast convos.
  5. Also no talent shows ever oh my effing god?
  6. A drink counter in the bottom right hand of the screen
    Just kidding that's awful but oh my god I would LOVE IT Ben gets so tipsy by the end of the one-on-ones lol
  7. If someone who has already had time with him "steals him away" when he's talking to someone he hasn't had time with, he should be able to say "HEY NO THANKS I'M GOOD"
    This kills me!!!!!!!!!!!
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  8. More Chris Harrison heart to hearts
    I'm really missing those this season
    Suggested by @sarahgorman