Writing this from a delayed MTA subway train, where we've been sitting between stations for nearly 30 minutes. My frustration at NYC's far-too-often complete incompetence led me to this conclusion...
  1. Public transportation
    The subways and buses have perfect AC! Totally clear and easy to navigate! They run all the time! They're clean! It all makes me hate MTA more, if that's even possible?
  2. Bathrooms
    Heated toilet seats are real and they are everything you ever dreamed of. They also have a relaxing ocean sound that plays in almost every stall to cover the sound of you peeing. Discreet AND fun!
  3. Dining Out
    In Seoul, every table has a button. You press the button when you want to order, or need something from the server. Otherwise, they leave you alone. Sure it's a little impersonal, but it's pretty damn efficient.
  4. Cutlery
    In Seoul, noodle bowls are served with scissors. SCISSORS FOR CUTTING THEIR NOODLES. Genius.
  5. Helping strangers
    While we were traveling, I was so struck by the kindness of the local people. We'd be standing in a subway station looking at a map, and someone would come up to us and offer help. One man walked us to where we were going. Another offered to give us a tour of the area we were looking to explore. We were always treated with respect and kindness, and felt welcome.
  6. This last one got me thinking...
    ...how strangers must feel when they visit New York. Our subways are incredibly unclear, you can never hear the announcements if there's a change in service, and I would bet not a single person would offer help unless asked. We (myself 100% included) treat tourists as an annoyance, instead of cutting them slack and helping them out. 'Cause NYC is hard, man!