Over the years I've tried a ton of wellness remedies. When your paycheck depends on it you'll do most anything! Here's what I use now to keep me healthy & singing:
  1. Oil of oregano
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    I take this whenever I think I might be getting sick or feel low-energy. Couple of drops on the tongue, wash it down with water. It will burn a little, but that's okay. Natural germ-killer.
  2. Cold FX
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    I found this gingseng-based immunity booster in Canada and am a complete convert. Unlike a lot of the immunity elixir pills being sold over the counter, this one is actually supported by clinical trial.
  3. Wellness Formula
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    Sold at most health food stores. Aim for the coated capsules if you can find them, because swallowing the uncoated pills requires you to be a sorcerer.
  4. Good ol' fashioned salt
    Salt has so many good uses, but the two I use it for are warm saltwater gargles (the simplest and one of the most effective cold preventers) and to help dry mouth. My mouth/throat has a habit of getting dry when I get nervous; putting a tiny bit of salt on the end of my tongue right before I head onstage/into the audition room will instantly makes me salivate.
  5. Gaviscon
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    Every singer's savior!!! If you suffer from even the smallest amount of acid reflux, it's good to have Gaviscon on hand. Instant relief/protection from acid in your throat.
  6. Sugar-free Ricola cough drops
    Another pre-audition room staple. These are a great fix for dry mouth/throat, and sugar free keeps them from making you feel crazy if you need a few. Plus, they're smaller than the regular drops.
  7. Slippery Elm lozenges
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    Slippery elm is a natural plant based powder that increases saliva, that you can buy in a chalky lozenge. When I was touring, I would hide one of the lozenges in my cheek before going onstage (sounds weird but it totally worked).
  8. A steamer/portable humidifier
    If you're ever on the road, this is an absolute staple. Helps with vocal fatigue, vocal cord hydration and plus it just feels nice.
  9. Neti pot
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    Great for keeping allergies at bay if you're traveling between different climates.
  10. Raw garlic
    Garlic is a natural anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. Chop a clove or two very finely, sprinkle on toast with a drizzle of honey and eat. Be sure to chew each bite really finely. You can also put garlic in your juice order at a juice bar. Just don't get to close to anyone afterwards!
  11. Ginger
    Like raw garlic, ginger is great for you. Put it into hot water with lemon and honey for a great throat tea.
  12. Throat Coat tea
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    I am SO SICK OF THIS TEA but only because I've used it so much!
  13. Water. Water water water.
    A lot of people underestimate water. If your body is fighting something, extra hydration can help to flush it out. Plus even if you're healthy, the more hydrated you are the better your voice will perform.