Joann Sfar, a cartoonist for Charlie Hebdo, published a series of drawings late Friday night. Transcribed below (thanks to The Independent UK for the translations):
  1. "France is an old country where lovers embrace freely."
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  2. "Paris is our capital. We love music, drunkenness, joy."
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  3. "For centuries lovers of death have tried to make us lose life's flavour."
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  4. "They never succeed."
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  5. "Those who love. Those who love life. In the end, they're always the ones who are rewarded."
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  6. "The motto of Paris is beautiful."
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  7. "'It is beaten by the waves but does not sink'"
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  8. "Friends from the whole world, thank you for #prayforParis, but we don't need more religion! Our faith goes to music! Kisses! Life! Champagne and joy! #ParisisaboutLife"
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  9. "Terrorism is not the enemy. Terrorism is a mode of operation. Repeating 'we are at war' without finding the courage to name our enemies leads nowhere. Our enemies are those that love death. In various guises, they have always existed. History forgets quickly."
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  10. "The people who died tonight were out living, drinking, singing. They didn't know they had declared war."
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  11. "Instead of dividing, we should remember what is precious: our way of life."
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  12. "Lovers of death, if God exists, he hated you. And you have already lost, both on earth and in heaven."
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  13. "It means, 'Fuck death.'"
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