1. It was so good and SO. EASY.
  2. Perfect for a date night (CC: @gabimoskowitz's list on How To Trick a Guy into Falling in Love With You).
    You can be all, oh this? It wasn't even a thing. And he'll be like, marry me.
  3. Or screw the guy, make it for yourself (and epic leftovers).
    You deserve it.
  4. Side bonus: I got to stroll into the "Old Boy's Club"-style Greek butcher in my neighborhood and breezily order some badass meat.
    Threw a casual "oh yeah, would you mind just chopping the shoulder into eight pieces?" in there like I did it all the time and felt vv cool
  5. The whole meal - prep time included - takes about an hour.
    (But no one else has to know)
  6. Throw in a good bottle of wine and some sautéed veggies and you officially are your own hero.
  7. Ta-da!
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