Food memories.
  1. Cold, un-toasted bagels with plain cream cheese.
    Eaten in the car with grainy Swiss Miss hot cocoa on the way to go skiing with my Dad. Sunday tradition.
  2. Cafeteria dinner rolls with chocolate milk.
    This is an A+ combo from elementary school that I'm pretty sure I would still be into.
  3. Oatmeal cookies.
    I made these with my grandmother every time I would come to my grandparents' house. The kitchen would smell like cinnamon and butter and her sweet musky perfume.
  4. Cold orange slices.
    The halftime snack during every soccer game growing up. Eaten in the grass with numb fingers.
  5. Apple pie.
    My mom's specialty. The inside is from The Joy of Cooking; the crust is her own invention. She taught me how to make it when I was six.
  6. Kid Cuisine TV dinners.
    My brother and I only got these when our parents were going out for the night and we had a babysitter. Best part was going to the grocery store and picking them out.
  7. Pop Tarts.
    Frosted strawberry or frosted cinnamon brown sugar. Toasted.
  8. Scrambled eggs with ketchup.
    My mom would draw wobbly ketchup faces in our eggs with the squeeze bottle.