Amazon Prime just released their next batch of fall pilots, and I had the great pleasure of shooting one! It's called "Z." Here's why you need to watch:
  1. It's an amazing story.
    I knew next to nothing about Zelda Fitzgerald before I auditioned for this job. She led an incredible, dynamic life - all over the world. She was a Southern belle and a ballerina; she wrote novels and short stories (some of which were plagiarized by F. Scott); she hosted incredible parties and drank to excess. Above all, she was an extremely intelligent, outspoken feminist who never let society control her. Christina Ricci stars as Zelda, and is terrific.
  2. Amazon is taking a big risk.
    This is the first historical, period drama in half hour format. On any network. Amazon believes in the story and our creators and their efforts/$$$ should pay off!
  3. It's created by a bunch of bad-ass women.
    Therese Ann Fowler, who wrote the original novel; Dawn Prestwich and Nicole Yorkin, our writers; Pam Koffler, our producer; and Christina Ricci, an exec-producer. Hashtag girl power!
  4. You're supporting fellow List-Appers!
    Me and @maya, who met on this project! She invited me to @list while on set, so to bring it full circle you basically have to watch. 👯👯
  5. I make this face:
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  6. I would like a job!
    Shameless self-promotion, but I would love to come back to this world in the spring and shoot a full season!
  7. Are you sold? Watch the show here!:
  8. When you finish watching (stay through the credits so your vote counts), take the five minute survey here & share your thoughts!: