@john 's list got me thinking! Now that I'm looking at this draft (Draft Week), I see most of them involve bed... 💤
  1. When you're running late but your trains happen to line up perfectly so you end up being on time.
  2. Waking up and realizing you still have an hour (or more) left before your alarm goes off.
  3. Getting an actual letter in the mail.
  4. Clean, warm sheets.
  5. When a great movie is on TV and you catch it right at the beginning.
  6. Breakfast/dessert/any meal (really) in bed.
    Or if you're @maya, a chicken fried pork chop, eaten by the handle.
  7. Toes in the ocean.
  8. Coming back to your apartment after a long trip.
  9. A really fucking good cocktail.
  10. When you're on and you know it.
    This one is @john 's but I completely agree. Is there any better feeling?