Recently spent 2+ weeks in Georgia shooting my first ever pilot with the lovely @maya. Who showed me this app! And requested this list! Which sat in my draft folder until, you know...
  1. Lots of lingo.
    Most of shooting was me whispering, "what's that mean?" or "what does he/she do?". Lucky for me everyone on set patiently answered all of my questions. And only laughed at me sometimes.
  2. Night shoots are hard.
    Training for them makes it slightly better. But only slightly.
  3. There are many after-effects of night shoots.
    Basically: crying at everything. See above.
  4. Don't touch the Spanish moss!!!!
    This is more a Georgia thing than a pilot thing but: there are bugs in there that will crawl into your pores and the only way to get them out is to cover your skin in clear nail polish to suffocate them THIS WAS A VERY STRESSFUL DAY ON SET.
  5. Lunch at 2:30 am.
    Cool and also weird. My 12-year-old self was way into it.
  6. Treading water is no joke.
  7. Be kind to yourself.
    In every new experience there's the inevitable learning curve and a lot of "oh fuck this is terrible I'm terrible." Take a deep breath. Trust your co-workers. Eat some chocolate.
  8. Christina Ricci can be having a terrible day, but will still be 100% focused on every take and nice to everyone.
    But she also doesn't take any shit, which is awesome.
  9. The PAs are the nicest drivers and will take you to the grocery store and tell you about their kids and give you good food recs and tell you not to be nervous about shooting because you're good enough to be here.
    You will be very sad when they're replaced by Teamsters. Who are NEVER on time and ask you ZERO questions.
  10. I really like this! And maybe I'm even good at it!
    I honestly didn't know how I'd feel about the process of shooting a project like this. I've only done guest star parts where you're there for a few hours or a day, and largely left to your own devices. This is a whole different animal, and thankfully (and happily!) one I am into. More please!
  11. This could be a very long list but I will spare you and say:
    I couldn't have asked for a better first experience. I was surrounded by kind, giving, creative, passionate people who were inspired by the story we were telling. Navigating each day was a challenge and a joy, and I am so grateful to have lived it. Fingers crossed for a pick up!